Pump and Dump GH Slut

I'm appreciative of guys who don't mind abusing a lady with their cock. I can handle huge, I can handle rough-fucking, I love it all. I have a married regular that's a Dr. in part, to make sure all is clean and clear as to not pose a threat to the home, health, or family.


I am looking for men who simply see the advantage of having "discreet and easy" available to them. I only want you for what's in your pants. I like being shared and passed around some as long as it's done discreetly.


With everything I am into the mental aspect and appeal is just as important, if not more so than the physical, so there are certain characteristics that are important to me, things such as marital status, age, endowment size, body type, etc. while otherwise shallow if we were trying to date, are of importance when fitting things into the fantasy/fetish of me having a gloryhole. 


"What I'm into isn't about what you're into". But part of being consenting adults is being respectful and reaching that decision with proper communication. It's not personal to not feel there's a match. 


I've been blessed to find something I'm really into - and have done it long enough to have a level of comfort and confidence to act upon it. I only ask that you respect me enough to allow me to act out what I enjoy. I took the time to articulate what I like and what I'm looking for, so you'll have the chance to know from the beginning if it's a good match. I'm just here for fun, without wasting someone's time. I do have a life outside of this, just as you do, but please understand I have no interest in being anything other than the discreet gal you visit when you just want to dump a load in a lady who wants it and leave knowing the only thing you're bringing home is a relaxed demeanor.