** November Update - I've returned stateside as of 11/16/20. I'll be taking some time to get re-adjusted and re-acclimated. I've been away from home since mid-March. Once I get into a groove, I'll let it be known. While frequency has never been an issue. With Covid and the collateral damage and unintended consequences to what "normal life" has become, I do err to having more interest in guys who can fuck me 2-3x a week. Nothing set in stone, but a fluid amount of freedom and flexibility so regularity can also help safety measures as well.**


I am 40 years old. 5'6" and in good shape. Yoga, spin class, and Stairmaster allow me to stay in shape. I am married and have been for 19 years. We are very secure and we enjoy our time together, as well as our free time apart. As such when I play, he does not participate. Check the links up top for the rest of my info and contact. Email, Text at times, and Twitter are the best way to reach me. kik, snapchat, whatsapp, etc. etc. not so much. I have enough to keep up with as it is. My life is different than most. Retired early and travel often. I'm usually in Atlanta, Manhattan, and DC, primarily. I'm not a pro, nor do I exist for profit or gifts.  


I take pride in having a good time and enjoying adult fun. I'm not the type to have a "little black book" published online because of foolishness or lack of discretion. I have this site because the things I enjoy are prevalent but under the radar. I don't condone sexual assault, but I do love that selfish mentality when a guy comes over to use me. I don't condone disrespect to women, but I do love it when the only time I get a text or email is because you want me to take it. Part cock hound, part badge bunny, part boot chaser, part queen of spades, all gh slut. I'll be available Wed, Thur, Fri. I'd love to have 15-20 a day each day. I'm here for *everyone* if that disgusts you or turns you off, then I was never for you to begin with.


When I get myself set up to play, the overall mentality is that it's like a frat house party, when a girl has had too much to drink and gets led to the back bedroom. There are guys in and out one at a time, and even the guys who are normally "not that kind of guy" for that brief moment become such. They saw her drinking and flirting, even after her friends left. Not saying she was "asking for it" but at the same time, she's the type that keeps getting invited out to the parties and makes the conscious decision to attend. Keep in mind, with me, this is all still a one on one encounter. The allusion of the frat party is used to help you understand my "mentality". It that of wanting to be used, and freely giving of my time to allow it to happen. Things at my GH are always one at a time, but the same mentality applies I'm not here for *just* you, but I'll make sure you get in me good and deep.


I'm looking for discreet men that enjoy great head from a female that knows how to make you cum hard and often. I take pleasure in letting guys fuck and use my pussy as their personal cum dump. Getting knocked up monthly is a source of pride. I love giving head and love taking it in the ass. I do have a private gloryhole set up for no strings encounters. Also, when at the gh, I have had trains run on me. I don't mind if you share my info out to your buddies.


My twitter profile (and DM's) are open. It's a good way to either get in touch or see what I've been up to. I understand the others (AFF/FL) you may have difficulty checking it out during the day, or around others.